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Freight & Logistics Solutions made easy

With over 25 years of freight, logistics and Management experience , G-fr8 (pronounced G-freight) can assist you with all areas of your supply chain. 

We specialise in AEO accreditation, green shipping solutions and container transport.

We love Containers, Ships, Planes , lorries and all things logistics

Container Ship
Above the Clouds
Image by Renaldo Matamoro
A Crane Lifting a Container
Truck Car Park
Cargo Containers

New & Used Containers for Sale
Whether its for shipping (CSC plated) , storage or converting, we can supply and deliver all grades of container.


Be accountable in your supply chain
We offer a shipment by shipment carbon calculation based on GHG protocol along with certified offsetting options .
Certified Emission Reductions certificates are provided and all supported projects are fully trackable
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