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As well as a competitive Freight and Logistics service, offering Air, Sea, road transportation and Customs clearances we can help you set up and manage your supply chain

  • CDS and EORI application.

Did you know that in order to import into the UK you need to be set up on CDS ( Customs Declaration Service) and be EORI registered (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number)

Don't have the time to do it?  Let G-fr8 take the hassle out of it . We can help you apply and set up both CDS and EORI. 

  • VAT registration.

Want to claim back the import VAT or postpone on PVA but dont have a VAT number?

G-fr8 can help you apply and set up your VAT number and PVA (postponed VAT accounting)

  • Customs Deferment account application

Need a Customs Duty Deferment account? We can help you apply and set one up

  • AEO application and implementation (including yearly Audit assistance

Want to apply for AEO ( Authorised Economic Operator) but are put off by the application forms and all the administration? What about the regular Audits?


G-fr8 has experience in successful AEO application and Audits.. Let us handle the paperwork to help you obtain both AEOS (Security)  and AEOC (Customs) and make sure you have the correct procedures in place to pass the audit to maintain your status.

  • IATA application and CASS application and setup.

G fr8 have experience in applying for IATA & CASS  - let us help you get it.

  • Supplier and rate negotiations

G-fr8 has over 20 years of experience negotiating rates with Carriers, agents and other logistics providers 

  • Worldwide network coverage. 

As well as contacts with all the major carriers we have an extensive agent network with global coverage - many of these we have worked with for many years.

Need an agent in a place that you have never heard of? - don't worry , we can help.

  • Sustainability plan , Carbon calculator and carbon offsetting options.

Do you find Calculating carbon and carbon offsetting a bit of a grey area for you? ( or should we say Green!)

Let us help with carbon calculations per shipment and offsetting options that are real - No greenwashing here. All based on GHG protocol.

Need a sustainability plan - no worries we can help.

  • New & Used Container sales

Yes we sell containers. We have both new and used options available , Whether you need one for

shipping/storage or a giant garden ornament we can help. We can deliver and drop them to the ground for you.

Did you know we sell New & used Shipping containers? We can deliver anywhere in the Uk

For latest prices email & availability email us at

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