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Be accountable in your supply chain

We offer a shipment by shipment carbon calculation based on GHG protocol along with certified offsetting options Certified Emission Reductions certificates are provided and all supported projects are fully trackable




We believe that we all have a responsibility to help save our planet & Future.


Especially in the freight, transport and logistics sector .


All businesses need to achieve a Net Zero goal before 2050 if the global climate target, e.g. to stay within 1.5 degrees of global warming since pre-industrial times, is to be achieved.


We want to help you with some key targets and strategies to improve the business's sustainability in the future especially regarding your supply chain. 


When smaller businesses start to measure and reduce their emissions, the effects cascade through the value chain. We hope that our net zero and other sustainability goals and strategies will motivate other businesses within our sector, our clients, our suppliers, and our employees.



Emissions are broken down into 3 “Scopes” – this gives clarity as to where the emissions are coming from.


                     Scope 1: Emissions we directly create by ourselves

                                           For example, the gas for hot water and heating and the fuel used in company vehicles.


                     Scope 2: Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of energy purchased from a utility provider.                                                                 For example heating, cooling, steam, and electricity.


                     Scope 3: Indirect emissions created elsewhere in the supply chain that are outside of our direct control.

                                         For example: employee commuting or purchases of services such as legal, accounting, consultancy, financial                                                    intermediation such as banking fees and charges, internet and software, construction, maintenance, and business                                             travel)

We want you to join us on a journey to a sustainable future in Freight and logistics

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